The Paper Project is a socially responsible business that provides sustainable livelihood for women survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, abuse and other challenging backgrounds in the Philippines.

We make handmade greeting cards for the global market in partnership with Good Paper, a United States fair trade social business. We have been in operation since 2012

The mission of The Paper Project is to provide decent and consistent livelihood for survivors of oppression and open doors for them to bigger opportunities while generating profit and sustainable growth as a business.

The Paper Project sees itself as an enduring organization that supplies fair-trade handicrafts to global markets and always pays every worker in its employ at above the minimum wage, with merit-based incentives.

The Paper Project will provide livelihood to hundreds of women escaping oppression in the Philippines. The Paper Project sees itself assisting workers in acquiring the skills and drive to pursue their life goals. The Paper Project sees its workers growing in professional competence, earning power, and character.

The Paper Project shall maintain a threefold bottom-line:

Worker empowerment. The Paper Project shall empower its workers, who will move on to bigger things within the organization or outside it.

Profit. The Paper Project shall generate profit for sustainable growth and expansion.

Environmental Stewardship. The Paper Project shall conduct business in a manner that benefits the environment.

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